Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership
Suraksha Poudel
Public Health specialist

Am I proud to belong to nation with Female president or my inspirational figures are more in neighboring country? be it Prime minister Indira Gandhi from India or miles away in American land, Michele Obama. These public figures’ name is enough to be proud of, but what kept them being there where they are, are the society more conducive to female there or our society less nurturing to a girl child. Never mind, the turmoil is beyond any of these thing. America has highest rape case reported and India is still struggling to reduce female feticide. Still the named lady made to the mark. Women in leadership gain the place despite the societal circumstance though the glitch is dirty enough to black out their determinations.

To the interpretation of our culture, a woman in a quiet corner of a home or an office is a woman with pride, women who seek care and support is one who is considered wise, women who is in her comfort zone and works well within her space is given good remark and women with a little less fire to achieve more at work is well accepted by her male colleagues. However, stepping beyond, welcoming the newer perspective, craving for leading and carving her path to success in terms of her hard-work, qualification and determination is questionable. Not that my country does not have female leaders who inspire me in many ways but the grandiosity she deserves is engraved in so called male dominated leaderships.

People say, compliment and then comment. So, speaking up about good part is, Nepal offers women space to be financially independent and this has been attained to greater level than a decade before, we do have best right reserved for daughters from parental property equal to her male siblings, our society offers girls space to learn, visit abroad for studies and jobs and of all, stepping beyond the door of home into professional world is an achievement. Our male counterparts and people in position give priority to female in work place and is welcomed with whole heart as well. May be this limits here, the same society who have initiated empowering women in workforce comply to contemporary thought that they can work genuinely but cannot lead the work, they can be financially independent but not enough to run her family, her work is defined to foreign land but with narrow societal thought that she might be misusing the freedom and going beyond the definition of so called ideal daughter’s character. Power play, disgracing, defaming and demotivating. Her growth will have to go through these adjectives associated. Many places bound with the thought that strength, assertiveness and hard core part that male often have, are prerequisites to a better people in lead must be rebelled as a leadership can be attained with compassionate, dedication and truthfulness that a female may be better at. A chat over a beer table or a tea talk between male counterparts makes work much easier on times and female may be held behind due to cultural aspect of not stepping into informal table talks.

Yes, lady with a high heels and charming angels will be welcomed with extended hand here but same lady with fire to compete and progress will be judged in every steps. A male counterpart may be average at work but will be rarely questioned but a female in same with better deserving arena need to prove her worth time and again. Princess Diana, one of the admirable and unforgettable figure said, “every strong woman in history had to walk down a similar path, and I think it’s’ the strength that causes the confusion and fear. Why is she strong?  where does she get it from? where is she taking it? where is she going to use it? “. Many answer lies in between these question mark, how we are going to use matters the most.

Of all, a lady questioning another one is the greatest enemy no matter how hard we girls defend to this. But be sure, in this, the power of male is always behind. Trusting female in the run and motivating is far, we often find a female gynecologist being untrusted over male by a female, a female bus driver, female traffics, female at any space of trust is less preferred over a male in same filed if given choice to a female to receive services. Irony but a shameful truth. Know the worth of a girl in a corner. She stepped out of kitchen and is into world to support the global affairs. Let another name in list of world leaders 2021 be a woman, let someone from your country be the one, let her from your surrounding be enlisted.

( Poudel is a nurse and a public health personnel working as a humanitarian worker )

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